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Resource qualities are crucial for servicenegotiation, governance, orchestration, management and modeling.

Like Objects (e.g. OO), resources are all the things we manage, but unlike objects and in addition to links and attributes, resources also define, model, and manage qualities, relations, and processes.

Unlike objects also, resources are not limited by OO development constraints as they are designed to manage information more than to ensure structured code.

Unlike objects, resources do not necessarily contain or encapsulate the code that manages them as their meta-data and context allows for streaming transformations that can also be parallelized for scalable performance.

Unlike objects, resources and meta-data can be defined at run rather than compile time, making resources much more adaptable to requirements. Meta-data is Resources too.

Services are resource types and service properties are resource qualities. Resource qualities have patterns that include NFPs, KPIs, QoS, FPs, properties and qualitative properties, as well as tracked/tracking properties.

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