Distributed Application Hosting

application hosting
Developed by 01 COMMUNICATIONS, with its DNAOS technology, is an interface platform for building, hosting, and supporting Distributed Network Applications (DNAs). Applications hosted on especially benefit from the DNAOS Platform with integration, security, and powerful application support services. The hosting environment also provides:

  • SECURITY: infrastructure, authentication, authorization, encryption, and entitlement
  • OPERATIONS: continuous monitoring and document and/or business process tracking
  • AGILITY: scalable, standards-based collaboration and sharing applications
  • SUPPORT: tools, services, teams, custom applications

Efficient Collaboration is based on secure sharing. DNAOS collaboration portals and virtual profile applications offer deep content security in very distributed and compound environments. Security is a basic component for these applications, which typically also benefit from the 24/7 support infrastructure including:

  • High security physical protection and access control
  • Redundant energy supply and network bandwidth, Fail-Over, Backup
  • System Intrusion and Malware protection, FW, DMZ
  • Secure single sign-on authentication (ex: certificate) & authorization (ex: LDAP, XML, user profile
  • Data, content, and code encryption (ex: SSL/SSH)
  • Data storage security and redundancy, secure backups
  • Redundant, scalable, distributed network and computing infrastructure
  • Built-in resource access entitlement, protect distributed data, content, resources, profiles

Administrative Interaction Levels vary and include:

  • Modeling, managing, and tracking components, resources, and processes
  • Monitoring network traffic, servers, and systems, software behavior, application performance, access
  • Performance, Entitlement, and Operations Configuration optimization
  • Maintenance, Backup, Upgrade, Redundency, Fail-Safe/Over, Lifecycle
  • Documentation, Notes, Traces, Logs, Templates, SmartLayouts
  • Programming, Extending, Interfacing, Replicating, Netmorking

Support is a key element in any technology environment and even more so with distributed applications, especially for the larger or more sophisticated or complex. Support people, tools, and services are available especially to solve issues related to:

  • data, contents, resources, profiles : structure, reference, migration
  • initialization, configuration, setup : consulting, mentoring
  • applications : training, analysis, efficiency, support, development
  • network and systems : upgrades, maintenance, optimization
  • security, access, entitlement : consulting, configuration, maintenance
  • solution : design, mentoring, support

The hosting infrastructure can also be viewed in component layers as:

  • Physical : location and physical infrastructure
  • Power : reliable energy sources with backup power generators
  • Internet : redundant Internet feeds, with unlimited practical bandwidth
  • Network : GHz Network with monitoring, filtering, firewalls, DMZ, routers, switches
  • Storage : RAID 5 and RAID 1 high performance on-line and near-line storage with backups
  • Servers : multiple redundant scalable, blade and rack servers, each with appropriate memory and configuration
  • Software : structured software service layers with process separation as well as content and application integration
  • Standards : every component and software, conforms to the highest industry standards