Enigmas and Puzzles
An enigma is usually defined as something very difficult to understand, and
a puzzle is usually defined as a question that is difficult to answer, a problem.
Though the two are quite similar,
a problem can more easily be a game than an enigma can.
The enigmas presented here are not meant to be games, but
many of them can be transformed into fascinating, accessible games for young children,
and they were placed here primarily for that purpose.

Adults are evidently invited to try their hand at solving them,
          and may be disappointed that the answers are too readily available.
     However, the answers have not been blatantly exposed,
          and the adult reader can close the page as soon as the enigma has been read.

Use of Mathematics
Some mathematical formulae appear quite frequently.
     The recurrent 2n - 1 formula is used for -
          The number of Apples in the basket.
          The money required for the Restaurants.
          The number of links in the Chain.