GamesNovatory/Performance/For Children/The Wolf, the Goat, and the Cabbage

Real Fun for Youngsters

This little play is perfectly suited to kindergarten kids and first-graders.

Costumes and Accessories

The actors should be identified, by costume or insignia, to the role they play -
     the farmer, the wolf, the goat, and the cabbage(s).
The 2 rowers of the boat will be easily identified by their position and movements,
     but could use a little blue carpet to represent the water of the river.
The farmer will need 7 one-way tickets to travel across the river.

The Action

The rowers
Two children sit on the ground, facing each other, legs apart,
          with the soles of the feet touching.
     They hold hands, and their outstretched arms act as gates on the sides of the boat,
          which will be opened, on one side or the other, to allow passengers on or off the boat.
     The passenger(s) aboard will be held between the arms of the 2 rowers, and
          during the trip, the rowers will rock back and forth as if they were rowing.
     When the boat reaches the other shore,
          the assistant-rower changes the blue carpet over to the other side,
               allowing the passenger(s) to set foot on land without getting wet.

The actors
The farmer gets on board with a passenger and gives a ticket to the main-rower.
     If the wrong passenger is chosen, the 2 left on shore must act quickly,
          one ferociously threatening and the other yelling for help.
     The farmer must immediately correct the error.
The rowers then close the "gate" with their arms, and row across.
     The assistant-rower changes the blue carpet over to the other side,
          the "gate" is opened, and the passengers get off.
The farmer gets back on board, pays another ticket, is rowed back,
          and so on for the other trips.
     A ticket must be paid and the carpet displaced at each trip.
     The other players must keep close watch on the farmer at all times.