Our principal aim is to make our kids bright, curious, autonomous, and motivated.
This is a process which must be undertaken as young as possible,
and we have strived to produce, and present here, appropriate pedagogical games.

From traditional, and often quite ancient, sources, some enigmas have been transformed into games which can be useful to young, often very young, children. This material is the result of several decades of creation and verification.

Where to find them
These games for children are presented in 3 different volumes,
Devices, Competition, and Performance.
There are easy, beginners' games in each Volume
and they are placed at the top of lists graduated in order of increasing difficulty.
We strongly recommend alternating between these 3 volumes
to vary the nature of the games.

For children or adults ?
The Volume of Enigmas is placed first, but this is certainly not where to start the children,
     even if some of the easiest, also placed in order of increasing difficulty,
          could eventrually be used when the children are ready for more abstract concepts.
     However, even if these games were conceived for young children
               of kinderkarten or elementary school age,
          some of them, like Nim or The Tower of Brahma, will also fascinate adults.
But the Enigmas are really more puzzles than actual games
     and, remain essentially an adult, possibly adolescent, past-time.

Please keep us informed of how you make out with the children.