Why did you choose singing?

There are many reasons, all the way from the spiritual, musical advantages on the one hand, to the down-to-earth financial advantages on the other. Singing is the most normal, fundamental, and fruitful form of musical expression. It does not require any previous training. Everyone can sing and everyone's musicality can be developed by singing. Nothing is required. Our body becomes our instrument, an instrument which everyone possesses and which is free. It is a pity that singing is considered a "second fiddle" of music. A kindergarden teacher once asked the class to define music - "Playing the piano!", "...the violin", "... the guitar". When they were asked if singing was music - "Oh no, singing is playing". We deplore this myth, of course, but we chose singing nevertheless. If, at first, the participants are not aware that they are making music, they will soon change their minds.