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Your first clip was frightening. At first, I couldn't figure out what you were driving at. I finally realized that you started out with the semi-tones between notes, E-F and B-C, and then you shifted to scale degrees, 3-4 and 7-1, to eventually return to the notes E-F and B-C. Why did you choose the scales of D and Bb? I must admit that they seem quite convenient.

Here is how we planned it out. (a) All keys are the same and all scales have the semi-tones between degrees 3-4 and 7-1. (b) The mystery of the semi-tones is at its worse in the key of C because there are neither sharp nor flat notes. (c) The keys with only two of them, D with two sharps and Bb with two flats, were evidently the most useful highlighting just the right scale degrees. (d) Then we came back to C and applied the scale degrees to the notes E-F and B-C. Sorry for all the trouble but we thought that somebody out there might have fun finding the way through this maze.

Your clips are not only enlightening, they are also great fun for the reaction they get. I am a trumpet major in the faculty of music at (name deleted) College and theory is really not my bag. I landed on the first semi-tone clip by chance and spoke to some of my trumpet buddies about it. They were not all as intrigued as I was but the reaction was generally "wait till we speak to Georgie (our theory teacher) about this", but we decided to wait and see more. The second clip seems much deeper and we hope that this new dimension of Chrominicism might be useful for playing in tune.

You are perfectly right. It will be useful for that purpose but we hope that you will get more than that out of it. Who knows, with a little bit of luck, it might get you interested in a whole new form of music theory.

Now this is fun. To see this new dimension of Chrominicism actually building a scale tickles my fancy as an engineer, which I was supposed to become before I fell in love with the trumpet. We still have not made up our minds as to when we tell Georgie about all this.

Take your time for Georgie. Wait for the fourth clip where we build chords.