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Do you also deal or plan to deal with emotional quality of music on the website?

We may in the future, but until then we can offer these comments:

  • 1. The emotional quality of a piece varies considerably from one person to another. What seems grandiose and uplifting to some will seem bombastic and vulgar to others. What seems delicate and touching to some will seem overly saccharine and cheap to others. The same sunset or range of mountains will not necessarily evoke the same emotions in all observers.
  • 2. However, it has come to our attention that certain forms of transformations (especially harmonic transformations) will, in general, have a specific emotional effect. We have only, so far, presented short musical examples illustrating each form (or combination) of transformations. In the future we plan to expand this in two directions: (a) introducing programmed menus to allow the viewer to choose the option preferred, combined with any other options of other transformations (as we go along); and (b) presenting complete works where a specific set of transformations is used extensively to achieve the greatest unity. Some of these examples really seem to provoke the same emotion (or close to it) in a surprising majority of the listeners. So you see, we are interested in this emotional aspect of music but we are not quite ready to put in on the site at this time.