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Good news, bad news.
First the bad news. I found it very difficult to understand the beginning of Rhythm - Basic Materials. I was never really sure of having the right answer because the Footsie animations did not work well. The pictures and the sound were not together. The animations also took a LONG time to download (about 2 minutes) which was discouraging.
The good news began when I decided to try out your site at an internet café. Here everything was fine. The pictures and the sound were together and the downloading only took 4 or 5 seconds. After having run through the 4 levels of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star I went back to the text at the beginning and started to understand the levels and especially the anacruses. It was only when I ran through the 5 levels of Polly Put The Kettle On that the two other persons in the place came behind me to see what I was doing. They began singing and swaying with me. One of them even told me to stand up to feel the rhythm better and he was right! I really feel that I am starting to understand what rhythm is all about. Thanks.

- We thank you. This is the first time that we present a complete letter on this page. There was nothing that could be removed except, possibly, the Thanks at the end and we didn't have the heart. Just one thing. At the internet café, you were probably (1) connected to the server by cable, for the fast download, and (2) browsing with Internet Explorer 5.5, which gives the best results. We will try to make the opening text clearer and lighten the animations files. Promise.