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As a full-time mathematics teacher and part-time amateur musician (pianist), I was intrigued by what you might have to say about the mathematical aspect of music. However, all I found on your MathNovatory site, for now, was the beginning of the "pure math" section, dealing with what you call numerical structure. I certainly did not feel like being explained what addition, multiplication and power were all about. However, the new aspect of "qualitative mathematics" intrigued me enough to at least start and see what it was all about. I am anxious to see what you will have to say about prime numbers and why it seems so ridiculous to you that "1" was considered prime for so long. I will certainly follow up on what you are doing.

Please do and all our thanks for your interest. You already have a good part of your answer in the examples of qualitative mathematics presented at the end of the Power section where "1" can be three different things (in Addition, in Multiplication, and in Power). We hope you will also enjoy our special form of Fibonacci division.

I am happy to be back to tell you how much I enjoyed the whole Pure Maths section of MathNovatory, although the assurance with which you throw out concepts that are completely foreign, or worse contrary, to common mathematical beliefs, becomes irritating in the long run. You seem to have decided to take the attitude that "look, this is how we think it is, take it or leave it". You will evidently lose a lot of readers this way, but, on the other hand, what else can you do if this is what you really think. Even the most irritating parts stick with me, especially at night when I desperately need sleep, but I find it often difficult to find the proper plea to counterattack you. You are building a very provocative document, let's see what will happen in the applications.

Once again, all our thanks for your candid and valuable evaluation. Getting some kind of a debate going is already a considerable achievement for us and creating a bridge between art and science to end up with the art of science (in mathematics) and the science of art (in music) is one of our fondest dreams. The music applications will be coming shortly.