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I have difficulties finding level 0 in "Sound of Silence." Can you please help again?

Level 0 of "Sound of Silence" is 6+8 (6 notes anacrusis, 8 notes on the first rise). In other words, the 0 level is two bars on the rise, two bars on the fall. In some verses and phrases, the anacrusis is 7 notes rather than 6. If we observe verse five of the song, we find that it is totally binary and regular throughout. In the other verses, however, there are irregularities resulting from the removal of certain beats. It is evident that this was done to accommodate the lyrics. In verse 1, anacrusis to the third level 0 cell, we have "and the" as an anacrusis to "vision." This anacrusis is so short, that the composer apparently felt that there was too much empty space before it, so two beats were removed resulting in a bar of 2/4. Compare that to the same place in verse 3 where "people writing" is anacrusic to "songs." Here, there is no removal, because the anacrusis is long enough to fill out the space. A similar situation occurs at the end of each verse. Compare "in the" to "and whispered in the."

We have created the graphics of the Rhythmic Levels of "Sound of Silence" that we hope will clarify this description.

Graphics of The Sound of Silence
The green circles contain matter removed in some of the Verses.