MusicNovatory/Introduction/Reference/Comments and Questions/Melody/Where is Melody ?

The sections on rhythm and harmony were a bit complicated but seem to make good sense. I would mostly like to see something on melody, possibly on counterpoint and polyphony.

Three sections on melody are now ready -
     The Metrics of a melody (choice of note values), Melo-Rhythm,
     Chord Patterns on which melodies are built, Melo-Harmony,
     The Orbits in a melody (choice of the notes themselves), Melo-Lines.
Polyphony (although the word itself is not used) is already present in the Natural Canons
     which you will find in the Voice-leading section in the Transformations of Harmony.
We don't want to discourage you, but Melody is not simple.
     Make sure you have seen enough Rhythm and Harmony first.