4. Rock-A-Bye, Baby
Click on GRAPHICS to see the text of the melody and, below it,
     the drawing of the separate levels and the drawing of the integrated levels.

In the drawing of the separate levels, we see that -

At the smallest level, Level -2-1 (a ternary level),
          (where the Quarter note has been arbitrarily chosen for the shortest notes),
     we start on the Beat and, of course, end on the Beat.
          The longer notes are drawn on the Beat all the way through.

At the next larger level, Level 0 (a binary level),
          (Half note. , three times as long),
     we start on the Off-Beat and, of course, end on the Beat.
          The longest note of the melody is not longer than the beats of this level,
               which confirms the fact that we are at Level 0.
                    Notice the regularity of the shape of the cells.

Level +1 and Level +2 are not shown.

The bar-lines are placed at Level -1 (in 3/4 time).

In the drawing of the integrated levels, we see that -
     both levels have been put together.
It is much easier to appreciate this fusion when there are only 2 levels involved.

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