Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Music scientifically defined !

As part of its recent web site update, now offers what seems to be the first scientific definition of Music. There has been many attempts to define Music through the ages and perspectives but, for the first time, it seems that MusicNovatory has managed to corner the term in an all encompassing, yet simple, scientific definition of Music. Composing is an art form but "Music is an intuitive natural phenomenon operating in the 3 worlds of Time, Pitch, Energy, and under the 3 distinct and interrelated organization structures of Rhythm, Harmony, and Melody".

Hopefully, this definition, as the rest of the MusicNovatory work, will help clear misconceptions and disagreements among theorists, scientists, and musicians.

MusicNovatory is a rapidly evolving and ground breaking content-rich scientific document and process, explaining and illustrating the science of Music.