Friday, January 14, 2005

MusicNovatory hyper-hosted announced an agreement by which it will host the revolutionary MusicNovatory web site on its DNAOS-based portal.

MusicNovatory is an interactive encyclopedic web document on the science of music. With a scientific approach, MusicNovatory offers a generic and generative model of music, as well as tools and references.

The MusicNovatory "Definitions" chapter includes interesting scientific definitions of many musical terms, including a unique definition of Music itself that reads like: music is "a natural intuitive phenomenon operating in the 3 worlds of time, pitch, energy, and under the 3 distinct and interrelated organization structures of rhythm, harmony, and melody".

Interestingly enough, "composing music" is defined as "the art of organizing sound in the music phenomenon, for later performance" while improvising music is defined as "the art of organizing sound in the music phenomenon, while performing it.

The 3 worlds of time, pitch and energy are each defined as having both quantitative and qualitative dimensions, where quantitative dimensions are the most obvious, the qualitative dimentions are more fundamental.

Rhythm and harmony are relatively independent organisation structures that combine through the melody organization structure.

From the definition of music, MusicNovatory is itself defined as "an interactive encyclopedic web document presenting the science of the music phenomenon in 5 volumes, including a comprehensive Introduction, a volume for each of the organization structures of music (ie. Rhythm, Harmony, Melody), as well as an extended Applications volume".

The MusicNovatory "Introduction" volume offers Preface and Reference chapters that set the musical, historical, technical, scientific, and quantification contexts for the document, as well as provide required reference and definition material.

The "Application" volume includes sample applications, tips and tricks (ex: Harmony 101), innovative composition courses (ex: fugue, canons, orchestration, and works), Critical Analysis, and Pedagogy chapters.

With thousands of interactive web pages, with multimedia examples and samples, as well as with advanced navigation tools and framework, MusicNovatory offers a unique understanding of the science of music covering all musical styles, forms, and traditions.


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