Friday, June 10, 2005

MusicNovatory New Look

MusicNovatory, along its series of monthly updates, released a new version of its encyclopedic document on the science of music, with added contents, a new look & feel that colorcodes the page headers to reflect the volume and chapter level of the page, as well as improved navigation. MusicNovatory is a rich interactive reference document and navigation is a crucial part of the experience. MusicNovatory offers powerful navigation, including a set of hypermedia Guided Tours, structured menus, dynamic headers and footers, depth indicators, domain indicators, and navigation maps. The Introduction volume sets the technical, scientific, reference, and historical contexts for the document as well as present various discovery paths through the knowledge base. The new look & feel and navigation support are designed to help the user keep track, navigate, learn and discover the solutions to Music's mysteries.


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